Faiz ul haque Zeya 's(Pakistani citizen with a USPhoto detail Social Security card) home page

Senior Associate Professor Bahria University(Asia ranking 201-250)(Associate professor for 9 years till now), CEO Transys, MS CS USA, Author Amazon, Apple, Smashwords Course Director Frontier Tech (job offered) , of Education Haven group of Schools (job offered), including university reports and medium.com articles 51 publications,

Senior Associate Professor BUKC ,-

Member ACM (Association of computing machinery) my link my certificate

Member AAAI (Association of advancement of AI)

CEO Transys, author Amazon , Apple  member editorial board AIRCSSE

 ML Community network member

MS CS University of Tulsa,  OK, USA   (TOP 401-500 ranking in world Times Higher education)

(Various Nobel laureates visit The University of Tulsa. details)

(Graduate Advisor: Dr. Roger L Wainwright Chair: Dr.Coberly
Dean: Dr. Bellovich (late)President: Robert Lawless
take one course extra: Cognitive Psychology of Dr. Paul Lewicki

Dr. Kaveh Ashenayi Independent study "Some experiments in AI"  . (A grade semester GPA 4.0)
The experiments includes "Restricted natural language based agent","Evolution of computer programs through AVIDA"and two others.

VP Dr.Dale Shoenefeld Computer network and distributed processing(B grade),Dr.Sujeet Shenoi Compiler construction.(not good C grade but project A)

Dr. Sandeep  Sen (Agent-based computing, Advanced AI, Advanced ML)(tough courses B grades with 2 midterm A )(note there is no A-, B+ in TU only A,B,C)

Two courses National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences,(Qambar Ali Haidry, Syed Zafar Nasir)   Two courses NU  University of Tulsa endowment 1.36 billion $

Two courses Sanjose State University (Name on ID ZERAIZ) (of Cay Hortsmann and Robert K Chun) ( Tim Cook visits SJSU
Two courses SJSU  Budget SJSU 432 M$

Oracle to invest $1.5 billion in Saudi Arabia, open data centre in Riyadh |  ReutersORACLE DBA from ORASOFT 

MS IT ( 4 A, A-)(Course work completed) (1 A [Advanced database Adeel Siddiqui ],3 A- [Mubashir Ahmad ITIL and Najmi Haider Advanced Data mining and Software design and architecture], 2 B+[2 independent study research Mubashir Ahmad, Dr. Jonejo  2B- IT security Shabbir Mukhi(late) and Computer networks Dr.Husnain Mansoor])SZABIST(Graduate advisor Husnain Mansoor Ali HOD was Dr. Imran Amin)()(two NED courses. Dr. Najmi Ghani Haider Certificate:

Advanced Data mining A-, Advanced Project management A-)

Data science specialization Coursera John Hopkins University (Times higher education world ranking 2023 15th)(Professor  Victor Leek)(2 courses completed)

Deeplearning.ai(1 course completed)Deep learning specialization Coursera( Dr. Andew Ng)

BE NED University of Engineering and Technology,Karachi,Pakistan(Vice chancellor: Engr.Abul Kalam(late))
(Mr. Nauman(late) Electronic, Associate professor Mr.Iqbal Querishi: Basic Electrical Engineering, Mr. Owais Qidwai Instrumentation. Mr. Tariq Haider Electronic II.Miss Neelofar Master: Chemistry, Miss Masooma Fatimi(late )  Numerical Methods, Dean Dr. Talat Altaf Power Electronics. Prof Dr.Pervaiz Akhtar Electrical Circuits, Prof Azeem Siddiqui(late) and Shahab Tahzeeb: Logic Design and Switching theory, Dean Qidwai Math subject, Dean Dr. Shahid Hafeez Mirza Computer architecture. Mr.Noman Hasny) Registrar Affan Saljuk 
In 22 courses marks >= 78/100 ie 22 A,A-.10 B+,7B NED Grade | PDF (scribd.com) NED 3.35 Billion Rs 2Positions 1st First year 6th second year.

Admitted to MS Computer Science University of California Santa Cruz , California, USA(World ranking 2023 190s)

HS C Adamjee Govt Science College. Karachi.
(Mr.Bazmi Urdu) WITH NCC A-ONE GRADE 80% Two-year 

SSC. Gulshan Cambridge School, DC office Gulshan Iqbal Karachi.
(Miss Naz Chemistry.Mrs. Kausar Biology, Mr. Querishi English)

Author 52 publications and reports Google Scholar 

Author 16 books on Amazon with  Amazon Select Global Fund $47.9 M for one month.

Author 6 publications on academic Microsoft

Author 1 book Apple bookstore

Program committee member of more than 10 international conferences, in Dubai, Australia, India, and Switzerland.

Taught 131 classes at BUKC,4 classes at NU,1 class MAJU, supervised MS thesis IQRA University

Software Cerchen was downloaded by 300k people of which on soft32 and softlookup 40000+ are US citizens,10000+ are from Europe, and 10000+ from Asia(India, Japan, China).

Senior Lecturer, Assistant professor, Senior Assistant professor Associate professor, Senior Associate professor, Acting Head of Department, Group Head Big Data group Bahria University, Karachi Campus

IEEE BUKC branch head. (Visited Siemens)

Offered Director of Education position, Hevan group of companies. (Chaudry Bakhtawar)

Offer of Data Science Course Director, Frontier Technology Institute (CEO Konain Qurban), Karachi Pakistan

Member editorial board Computer science and information technology,Horizon publication SanJose, California, USA

Assistant professor UIT (at that time HOD Parkash Lohana)

Visiting faculty, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi, Pakistan(HOD: Sibghatullah Siddiqui, President Abdul Wahab(late), former director IBA and VC Uok) Taught Artificial Intelligence to 15 students.(5 students got A grade)

Visiting faculty, the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Karachi Campus((at that time HOD Dr.Misbah Uddin Mirza] Taught Assembly language to 80 students and Automata theory to 80 students.(around 20 students got A grade)

Software engineer, SuperTechnology, Karachi, Pakistan(Director: Rehan AllahWala) Annual revenue 5 M$

Java developer. Technology Tier, Karachi, Pakistan(CEO Wadood Chaudry)

Research Assistant, Distributed AI Hards, University of Tulsa, OK,USA

Software engineer Docucentric Corp Tulsa, OK, USA Project of company Capital One bank.Capital One Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand

The research Assistant  University of Tulsa, OK, USA(Dr. Kaveh Asheyani)

Research Assistantship offered by Dr. Peter Lo Presti(University of Tulsa, OK)

Verbally offered IT manager job Oklahoma State University OSU


1. NASA as a software engineer in  2001

2. William Communications in 2001

3. Has an account on the Saudi Aramco Website. Didn't apply till now.


1. Transys was a member of the Microsoft Management Alliance 2001-2005

 Transys in 2021-22 is making a product related to MMC
2. Faiz ul haque Zeya is a memeber of Association of Advancement of AI
3. Faiz ul haque Zeya was a memeber of Foresight Institute.
4. Faiz ul haque Zeya is a memeber of Pakistan Engineering Council
5. Faz ul haque Zeya is a member of the Association of Computing Machinery.

1.Occam 5,Tulsa, OK,USA 300k USD 

2.Fiesta II,Tulsa,OK,USA 500k USD yearly revenue   

3. John Mabee Hall. rooms 1011, 2022 , 3033 Tulsa(director Mark and Kay Winn)

4. Double tree hotel,Tulsa , Ok room 510

5. Moven Pick hotel Karachi roon 520

6. BrookShire hotel Tulsa, room 28

7. Townhouse Sanjose California roon 108

8. Executive Inn Sanjose California rooms 105 and 106

9. Days Inn room 102 Tulsa , Ok USA

Team lead Respar project TU,OK, USA

Group Head Data science group, BUKC

Team lead Beany shell project SJSU, CA,USA

Course director Frontier Technology Institute (job offered)

Acting Head of Department Software engineering department BUKC

Chief Executive officer Transys. Led team to develop software, project and websites.

IEEE Branch coordinator Bahria University Karachi Campus

Director of Education Hevan group of companies(job offered)

Data science/python code

BE projects

Soma Neural network simulator

Squash game

Various MFC based projects

MS projects

Respar( With Sangeena Sharma and Birkamjit Banejee)




Task completion agent

Pascal compiler (Project 50/50 in Dr. Sujeet Shenoi's course)

Beany shell project(with Atul Delia)

Union public school website(with Gautam Ramamurthy, and Sonali Kimsen)

Some experiments in AI (A grade the University of Tulsa, supervisor: Dr.Kaveh Ashenayi)

I (Faiz ul haque Zeya) have purchased Microsoft 365  subscription and previously Google drive.                                       

My github repository

Naive Bayes

TAC Software

Pakipay web site

Rule based system Technology Tier

RoboMasi AI planner

Respar Research paper recommender

AISOW remote telnet session

Docustamper(partially completed Capital One project 40$/hour )

Material management system EPLA Labs

Sci kits learn  based programs

Tensorflow based object recognition programs in python

Various Hadoop Map reduce programs, Java Scala

BUKC photos


Tulsa, OK
San Jose, CA
Westmont, IL
Plano, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Oklahoma City, OK
Las Vegas, NV

Saudi Arabia




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Turkey Alarm at mass jailing of Turkish lawyers | News | Law Society Gazette




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