Faiz ul haque Zeya 's(Pakistani citizen with US Social security card) home page

Senior Associate professor Bahria University, CEO Transys, MS CS USA, Author Amazon, Apple, Smashwords

Senior associate professor BUKC,

CEO Transys, author Amazon , Apple, member editorial board AIRCSSE

MS CS University of Tulsa,  OK, USA

Two courses National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences,   

Two courses Sanjose State University                                 

MS IT (Course work completed) SZABIST

Data science specialization Coursera John Hopkins University (2 courses completed)

Deeplearning.ai(1 course completed)Deep learning specialization Coursera

BE NED University of Engineering and Technology,Karachi,Pakistan

Author 30 publications and reports Google Scholar 

Author 11 books on Amazon

Author 6 publications on academic Microsoft

Author 1 book Apple bookstore

Program committee member of more than 10 international conferences, Dubai, Australia, India, Switzerland.

Taught 119 classes at BUKC,4 classes NU,1 class MAJU, supervised MS thesis IQRA University

Software Cerchen downloaded by 300k people of which on soft32 and softlookup 500 are US citizens,100 are from europe and 100 from Asia(India,japan,china).

Senior Lecturer,Assistant professor,Senior Assistant professor, Associate professor,Senior Associate professor,Acting Head of Department, Group Head Big Data group Bahria University , Karachi Campus

Offer of Data Science Course Director, Frontier Technology Institute ,Karachi Pakistan

Member editorial board Computer science and information technology,Horizon publication SanJose, California,USA

Assistant professor UIT

Visiting faculty, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi, Pakistan

Visiting faculty, National University of Computer and emerging Sciences, Karachi Campus

Software engineer, SuperTechnology, Karachi, Pakistan

Java developer. Technology Tier, Karachi, Pakistan

Research Assistant , Distributed AI Hards, University of Tulsa,OK,USA

Software engineer Docucentric corp Tulsa, OK, USA

Research Assistant  University of Tulsa,OK,USA(Dr. Kaveh Asheyani)

Research Assistantship offered Dr. Peter Lo Presti(University of Tulsa,OK)

Verbally offered IT manager job Oklahoma State University OSU

Short listed in Microsoft OS group interview(went to Sanjose didn't apply any more.

Did part time in ORU Oral Roberts University in Tulsa


1. NASA as software engineer in  2001

2. William Communications in 2001

3. Has an account on Saudi Aramco Website. Didn't apply till now.


1. Transys was member of Microsoft Management Alliance 2001-2005

 Transys in 2021-22 is making a product related to MMC
2. Faiz ul haque Zeya was a memeber of Association of Advancement of AI
3. Faiz ul haque Zeya was a memeber of Foresight Institute.
4. Faiz ul haque Zeya is a memeber of Pakistan Engineering Council

1.Occam 5,Tulsa,OK

2.Fiesta II,Tulsa,OK  

3. John Mabee Hall. Tulsa

Team lead Respar project TU,OK,USA

Group Head Data science group,BUKC

Team lead Beany shell project SJSU,CA,USA

Course director Frontier Technology Institute (job offered)

Acting Head of Department Software engineering department BUKC

Chief Executive officer Transys. Leads team to develop software,project and websites.

IEEE Branch coordinator Bahria University Karachi Campus

Data science/python code

BE projects

Soma Neural network simulator

Squash game

Various MFC based projects

MS projects





Task completion agent

Pascal compiler (Project 50/50 in Dr Sujeet Shenoi course)

My github repository

Naive Bayes

TAC Software

Pakipay web site

Rule based system Technology Tier

RoboMasi AI planner

Respar Research paper recommender

AISOW remote telnet session

Docustamper(partially completed)

Material management system EPLA Labs

Sci kits learn  based programs

Tensorflow based object recognition programs in python

Various Hadoop Map reduce programs Java Scala


Some 2003 2005 students

Some bookmarks

Elon Musk 's starlink internet

Some past friends

Bahria University home page copy

Some Linkedin connections.

Grants of University of Tulsa professors, TU Endowment and budget.

Some facts about Amazon , Apple,  John Hopkins University

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